Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Feminism online: the bullying and the beat downs

grafHi all,

Thanks for your overwhelming response to this series of blogs I’ve posted investigating online bullying and threats made to bloggers, particularly those who define themselves as feminists.

If you wanted one link to share with people you think should give these a read, this is it.

Here you will find the links to:

Part 1: The internet as a level playing field

Part 2: The Public Woman

Part 3: Individual responses to online harassment

Part 4: How feminist bloggers are responding – the movement for a safe Internet

Part 5: An example of a collective feminist blog site and how they keep their space safe for their users

Part 6: The Carnival of Feminists

Part 7: Is there a solution: the choice between freedom and regulation?

Part 8: A Conclusion

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