Sunday, 18 August 2013

Heigh-Ho Soundtrack Away!

Check out my latest album review for Louder Than War - The Lone Ranger: Wanted, an album of songs inspired by the film.

"A few weeks ago I reviewed the latest Johnny Depp blockbuster The Lone Ranger, finding it to be another worthwhile, fast-paced action outing for Disney and the team behind Pirates of the Caribbean. To accompany the film, they have released the soundtrack scored by the Academy award-winning composer, Hans Zimmer, plus an album of songs inspired by the film, chosen by Director Gore Verbanski.

I’ve seen this concept rear its head before and I’ve always wondered how it worked. Do the band actually get to see the whole film? Do they get their own copies so they can rewind bits and feel the inspiration again? Do they just get a bit of the film as inspiration but don’t get to see the whole thing, thus creating a soundtrack inspired by different bits? If all the artists were inspired by the same bit would it count as being inspired by the whole film? I digress." Read More Here

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