Saturday, 3 August 2013

Pissed up nonsense

Argh! Tonight I went out for a drink with a friend near Tottenham Court Road. It was lovely. We did Jagerbombs and danced ironically with her colleagues to all sorts of chart songs I didn't recognize. Grand.

I got to Liverpool St on my way home and was walking from the Tube to the train to the burbs.

As I crossed the station, there was a woman walking next to me carrying some balloons. It was her birthday and a group of pissed up dickheads decided they'd make her a target and were asking her what she wanted for her birthday.

'Want a special birthday treat love?'

'Want me to cum on your tits babe?'

'Want me to take you up the arse sweetheart?'

I was walking alongside and at that point had enough. 'How about you fuck off and leave her alone?'

I asked her if she was ok, shouted across the station that they were dickheads and walked with her to our train.

So fuck those blokes who spoilt her birthday (as she told me).

Fuck those blokes who think it's ok to talk to women like that.

Fuck those blokes who think they're having a good night with their 'banter' whilst they completely ruin a special occasion for someone.

How the fuck would they like someone talking to their mum, sister, girlfriend, wife, whatever like that?

I've had enough of this bullshit and will be writing about it more from here on in. I hear this shit on a daily basis and I've chosen not to write about it so far. Those days are done.

I hope that girl has a better end to her birthday than that interlude and doesn't let those dickheads spoil it for her.

And if you hear people talking like this, call them out on it. You owe it to the women in your family to do so.

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