Thursday, 27 June 2013



I don't really know how to start writing this. Eric told me that when his friend died, writing about him helped. I really can't believe that you're gone. I only spoke to you the other day. Sounded like you were having a great summer so far. Being in Europe and not being able to grieve with other people who knew and loved you makes me wish I was back in California. So here goes.

I have so many memories of you that make me smile. You never failed to make me laugh every time I saw you, whether it was stories about your Grandma's chihuahua, talking about our tattoos or choosing which of the Golden Girls we'd want to marry on that long car ride back from CCWF (and yes I feel the same way about Bea Arthur as you!).

When we met in January, I remember thinking, wow this girl is cool, I really hope we're friends. The sparkle in your eyes, your commitment and passion, your general outlook makes me feel so lucky to have had you in my life. Your commitment to justice and helping others shone through everything you did. Your face was priceless when you realized that I didn't just have the same surname as my Dad but was actually his daughter. We had some good long chats about our favourite Cock Sparrer songs and why we loved them.

Thank you so much for coming to my graduation bbq, I can't believe that was the last time we got to hang out. I know my parents and parents in law all told me how awesome they thought you were and how pleased they were that I had someone like you in my life. I have a cool photo of you and Dad somewhere. I'll dig it out when I get home.

You gave me so much support with our work at Justice Now these past few months. Having spoken to a couple of the other interns I know they are as heartbroken as I am. We're really going to miss your intelligence, your compassion and your commitment to the work we were doing. You always asked about the stuff I was working on and always gave great suggestions for how I could improve it. You were so good at it!

I can't begin to imagine what your family and friends are going through right now. There's some beautiful photos and memories shared on Facebook since you left us. I feel really proud to have counted you as a friend and to have known you for the time that I did.

I'll never forget you LuciLu,

All my love,

Han xxx

I'm selling raffle tickets, whilst Luci and Nora crack up. Can't remember at what but this is how I remember her best.

Proud to be part of this team L-R Misty, Luci, Nora, Me, Bryget, Naas and other JN community member who's name escapes me at the moment

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