Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Here's a promise

Last night I wrote a list. This is itself is not uncommon. Along with my blue eyes and sense of adventure, my innate list making is very much a habit inherited by my mum. And she's right. There is something amazing about crossing things off a list.

This particular list in question is one that I've had floating around in the deepest reaches of my subconscious since January. This in itself makes it odd. The whole point of making a list is that it's flexible, both in its creation and implementation.

You see, the thing with writing a thesis is that it takes over your life. You wake up in cold sweats at 4am needing to check something. You train yourself to keep focused on the job in hand. You make yourself push all other thoughts out of your mind, no matter what they are or how much you want to focus on them.

I always thought I was a pretty good multi-tasker. I'm currently holding down a range of positions in a range of different organizations. But this is different.

I'm starting to think of myself more as someone who really enjoys writing (still not a writer yet though!). I have published a few articles since January but they have mainly been interviews and not anything I've spent ages lovingly crafting. (PS I've also been helping out with good people the Street Dogs and their fundraising - for the unaware...)

So this week was the time to collect all of those ideas, half-thoughts and ponderings that had been shoved to the outskirts of my memory. My list is a collection of all the blogs I've wanted to write since January but haven't been able to.

And once I started putting the list to paper (or iPhone note as it were) I started to get really excited. I'm going to work my way through the list this summer, publishing some here, some for Louder Than War and some for the Huffington Post UK. I'll let you all know where and when.

And just as a taster, here's a few of the topics I'm planning to cover; how Americans cope with my accent and the hilarity that ensues, why I love swearing even more than I ever did, the day I got compared to Maggie (and my bilious response) and why I think Johnny Gomes and I should be friends. Some food, some baseball, some feminism, some politics, a lot of music.

So my promise to you all is to not flake, and try to commit as many of these thoughts to paper as possible. Because maybe I'm loving this writing malarkey and maybe there's some stuff I'm tired of being quiet about. Watch this space. You have been warned.

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