Thursday, 3 May 2012

Soundtrack of my Sunday

Sunday morning the cat woke me up ridiculously early. And I was bored. So created a playlist to get me through the cooking of an enormous Sunday roast that afternoon.

These songs are more than the soundtrack to my Sunday. They are the soundtrack of my life right now.

The playlist includes: Streetdogs, Downtown Struts, The Grit, Billy Bragg, Harrington Saints, Booze and Glory, Runnin’ Riot, The Skints, Jaya The Cat, The Jons, Heartsounds, The Ratchets, Bouncing Souls, Argy Bargy, Sparrer…

(And Dynamo the magician. He doesn’t sing, but I am in the video…)

So for those of you who ask me for recommendations for new music or bands to check out, this is the best place to start!

This link is to a YouTube playlist. Enjoy! (Sheena and I are already chillaxing to it…!)

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