Friday, 4 May 2012

You are a grown up, cut it out

I was running slightly late this morning, due to a combination of me being a dumbarse and the wonders of San Francisco public transport.

Whilst waiting for Muni/the bus at the station, I got talking to a student in the class I TA for who was also running late. We shared our frustration with the usually shocking service and he said that he could understand the kids on skateboards and scooters who zip about campus getting to class quicker than us mere biped mortals.

Here our opinion diverged. I am prepared to go out on a limb and say that I am slowly getting used to seeing adults using skateboards as a mode of transport. To clarify, it's still not right, but I've seen so many of them that I don't feel the need to point and laugh anymore. I'm also willing to accept that it is a cultural Californian thing and that the majority of people I know have owned a skateboard.

What I will not accept is adults on those ridiculous micro-scooters. It doesn't matter if you're an idiot on one in London or an idiot on one in San Francisco, you're still an idiot.

There is nothing clever or mature about unfolding your mode of transport out of your bag. And yes, you are too big for it. And yes, being able to share is great, but with your 6 year old? I suggest you reexamine your priorities.

As far as I am concerned, adults on microscooters will always be ridiculous. And I'm counting down the days until I see someone fall off one...

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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tattoo Update

I’m trying to be less rubbish about saying that I’ll do something on here and not doing it. So a while ago I promised some updated tattoo photos.

The most recent two are my gorgeous Russian doll on my forearm, by Steve Richardson at Skunx Tattoo, London, and my Sparrer wings, by DannyBoy Smith at Let It Bleed Tattoo, SF.

iPhone May 2012 053

(Not the best photo of her but she truly is stunning!)

Both of them are very special to me for various personal reasons. I’ve been waiting to get my wings for a couple of years now. It happened at a time when I was surrounded by my family and friends as we got together to celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary.

And it’s worth pointing out if you can’t tell from the photo, that mine doesn’t say Cock Sparrer – it says Family First.

iPhone May 2012 334

Soundtrack of my Sunday

Sunday morning the cat woke me up ridiculously early. And I was bored. So created a playlist to get me through the cooking of an enormous Sunday roast that afternoon.

These songs are more than the soundtrack to my Sunday. They are the soundtrack of my life right now.

The playlist includes: Streetdogs, Downtown Struts, The Grit, Billy Bragg, Harrington Saints, Booze and Glory, Runnin’ Riot, The Skints, Jaya The Cat, The Jons, Heartsounds, The Ratchets, Bouncing Souls, Argy Bargy, Sparrer…

(And Dynamo the magician. He doesn’t sing, but I am in the video…)

So for those of you who ask me for recommendations for new music or bands to check out, this is the best place to start!

This link is to a YouTube playlist. Enjoy! (Sheena and I are already chillaxing to it…!)

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My writing around the web

One of the reasons that this blog has been a bit sparse recently is that I’ve been busy writing for other places. Whilst some of that has been for my Masters, some of it has been for fun.

Here’s me in other places:
Interviewing The Skints, for Louder Than War 

©2011 Ester Segarra.

“LTW: Has the list of instruments used to make your music increased much on this album?
Jamie from The Skints: Yes, we have a Glockenspiel now and it’s not going anywhere… hehe. Oh, and Marcia farted through a Gramophone. These are facts…”

Album of the Day: Shock Troops by Cock Sparrer, for Louder Than War


“And if you haven’t been sandwiched between two seven foot German skinheads, all of you singing Take Em All in unison, then you really haven’t lived. And you’ll be singing it for days. At the bus stop. At work. Down the pub. Because that’s what these songs do. They get under your skin, and you don’t realise it until the checkout girl looks at you funny when you tell her that “I caa-an, see through yoo-uu”. No one else? Just me then.”

Pride and Tradition – Harrington Saints, new album intro for AMP Magazine

Adobe Photoshop PDF

“Forming in 2005 after being friends for over 20 years, the band wear their influences on the sleeves of their polos, and fans of The Clash, Cock Sparrer or good streetpunk won’t be disappointed.”

And all three of these articles begin with the same structure. Doing this has shown me that I need to mix it up a bit!!

More of these are in the works and as they get published I’ll try and remember to post the links up on here. I’ve almost finished all of my papers for my MA so I’ll have more time for fun writing in a couple of weeks.

Enjoy people! Remember if it’s not fun there’s no point doing it! Oi oi!