Thursday, 6 December 2012

Shirt Parade Day 19

Ok ladies and germs, I have been highly slack on this recently but fear not! The project continues!

Today's shirt is special for many, many reasons. The Downtown Struts released possibly the best album of the year. I reviewed it on Louder Than War here.
Some of you know that earlier this year we had a raccoon infestation in the building. A mum and four babies had to be (humanely) removed and released after a three week assault on our senses and our cat.
The only day we actually saw the mum before the day she was removed, was the day that Big Cheese magazine streamed the track 'Rocca Ave' from the album. Hence her name was Rocca and the baby (when we thought there was only one) was called Southpaw.
The next thing we know, the band have a raccoon shirt!
I got this at Rebellion last summer and proudly wore it all over Italy when I went out there to meet the band in Tuscany.
It's a keeper!
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