Saturday, 6 October 2012

Shirt Parade Day 15

Today West Ham play the boring boring Arsenal. We're going to enemy territory to watch the game - enemy caroused by our very good friend Mikey Longshot, who, it's sad to say is an enormous Gooner.

This shirt I've had for 8 years (almost). My siblings, the jokers that they are, got me this shirt for my 20th birthday.

If you're wondering who Grapp is, he's not a one season hot tip you no longer remember. Grapp was once Grappy, the Y having been lost somewhere along the way. Grappy was the name my sister christened me with, on account of me having hands like a chunky toddler, and constantly grapping at things.

Apparently my hands are the physical manifestation of a child's interpretation of a hand - with a burger in the middle and sausages for fingers.

Like I said, my siblings are jokers.

So we're off for a 9am pint and to get shouty at some Arsenal fans.

Come On You Irons!

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