Thursday, 30 June 2011

I love the internet

So I’m back in London for a while, spending some much-needed quality time with my family, friends and yes Sharon, my girlies. And during the past half an hour, it’s occurred to me that our lives are so truly dependent on using the internet now that I can’t begin to imagine life without[1]

I’m back at work at Skunx Tattoo, with the brilliant Nick, Steve, Kez and Darren (and great to see Sanna too!). I know that on the rare occasions we lose the internet or have computer issues, finding references to communicate ideas is always slightly trickier.

My friend and I have just ordered an indian. I was craving London Indian and rather than brave Brick Lane, we decided to kotch at home (that one was for Sara). When we didn’t recognise something on the menu, we looked it up. Did I mention we were ordering and paying online? And they deliver right to the front door. And we’ve got Eastenders.

I’m currently excited by the rumour that the BBC are about to launch an international iPlayer subscription. Just starting a Masters this is as equally as worrying. But I’ll finally be able to see MOTD! (And I’m monitoring the comments, so I’ll know which ones of you are pointing out that it won’t be actually MOTD I’ll be watching…)

And let’s not forget that without Skype, Facebook, Twitter and emails, the chances of me falling in love and moving 6000 miles away would be greatly reduced. It has enabled me to maintain relationships with my family, friends and random people I’ve met at Cock Sparrer gigs that would otherwise be impossible.

Veronika and Lada's Wedding 2011 081Plus it means that I can share this picture and its brilliance with as many people as possible.

I love the internet.

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  1. I love the internet for the ease of communication and ordering things, I hate it for the wealth of keyboard warriors.